Not only will T.C.G. specialize in goalie training year round, there will be player development available for athletes of all ages.


We believe everything starts with the stance. Mastering the stance is a life long art of being a goaltender, as it will change over time.  From a new goaltender to pro, your stance will define your style of play.  It is the starting point, position of power, enables movement, and allows you to be focused and ready.

Skating and movement in the crease is one of the most important skills that each goaltender must master in order to be successful. With a consistent and concentrated drill repetition, we will spend lots of time mastering this area of the position.
This is another huge part of the game. Being in the right place for each shot, and reading the play to know where the shot is going to come from.  Having the right angle, rebound control, and recovery are all part of this skill.  As the stance and skating skills continue to improve, this area will be another focal point at T.C.G.
This is where the goalie must decide on what save to make. How each goaltender reacts to a situation is going to differ.  Their style, athletic ability, and reading the play are all factors in what save is made.  At TCG, we will continue to grow the complete athlete by focusing on technical skills that will assist each goaltender in making every save.  By focusing on the Stance, Skating, and Positioning, we believe this is where the true passion of the position lives.
We have all heard the cliché of being a goalie. “Mental is 90% of the game”, or other variations of that statement.  This is a large portion of a goaltenders success and is one of the most under appreciated and under developed skill in a majority of young goaltenders.  In order to build the confident goaltender, this must be a priority.  TCG will guide you through this area with the help of Goaltender coaches such as Peter Fry, Creator of Goalie Mindset Training.  You’re never too young to begin working on your confidence.


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